[quake2] Questions about Quake2 and Solaris :-)

Steve paradox at enterprise.tanabi.org
Fri Jun 14 02:17:39 EDT 2002

> 	sorry that I missed the thread.. Hello Steve,.. Are you running
> Solaris 8 later than 04/01.. (as in Solaris 8 07/01 10/01, 02/02 or an MU
> later than MU4)? I have found that the old sound code does -not- work well
> with recent versions of Solaris 8.. It complains about some invalid ioctls
> (if I recall correctly).. I have new routines that work but they are not
> in the 0.12 version yet. (changed jobs recently and it's hell on earth
> at the new job).

	Yes, I'm running the latest Solaris 8.  Ahh, well, glad my
hardware's not broke or something ;-)  Just got this machine after all :-D
And yes, the problem is with ioctl, so I think you've hit the nail on the
head. :-)

> 	Also, if you have an Elite3D M4, it's still not enough to get
> decent GLX performance.. You need an Expert3D (-NOT- the lite version)..
> (that's what the SUN people said.. Since I only have an Ultra2 at 300Mhz with
> a Creator3D, I have not been able to verify that statement).

	Aww, so sad :-(  No hardware accelerated goodies for me :-(

	What do you run for optimal Sun quake happiness as far as
mode/resolution/etc.?  It seems like XIL using the "xil_set_window_size"
command is where the winning is for me.  I can crank it up to any size and
it works pretty well -- it looks a little "muddy" the higher it goes since
it's expanding a 320x240 window, but it's okay.  It's a little jerky, but
I think that's a mouse problem ;-P  Never realised how nice the USB mouse
is til now, heehee.

	Do you think getting a 64 bit compile would make the thing run any
better?  I honestly have very little idea as to what good a 64 bit program
will do when a program's written with all 32 bit data though.

> 	For the sound problem: instead of using "quake2", use "sdlquake2"
> after you install SDL by yourself or from the "Software Companion CD" that
> came with Solaris 8.. That will fix the sound problem.  I will work on
> fixing the main binary ("quake2") next.. I hope this helps.. Do you want a
> tarball of the complete set of Solaris8/sparc binaries? I have not made a
> package yet.. should be in a couple weeks and this should make life -MUCH-
> easier for people who want to install Quake2 under Solaris..

	I've temporarily nailed the problem by disabling audio on the
command line with commands someone else posted.  I don't have speakers on
the sun machine yet, so I'm happy with the sound off :-)  I definitely
appreciate your eagerness to provide the goodies though! :-)

> PS: Drop me a line if you find other problems, I'm (trying to)
> maintain(ing) the Solaris part of the port... :)

	No problem.  And if you want me to test, I'm always happy to help.
I've got a decent amount of sun hardware lying around here.

I appreciate your help,


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