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Dan Naumov jago at telefragged.com
Wed Jun 12 00:28:12 EDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:13:55 -0400
Mental <Mental at NeverLight.com> wrote:

...[blatant snip]...

This is a very interesting suggestion. The main problem with the majority of such gfx-improving-ports of Quake (not Quake2) has been that the new changes that've been made, completely and utterly destroy the feel of the original game. For instance, look at TomazQuake.

However, I've looked into some screenshots found on the site for which you provided a link to and I liked them. I do not feel that the new explosions and particle effects would destroy the original feel of the game and they indeed do "look cool". I like them and would like to see them added to the Linux Quake2 port.

However, always remember to clearly ask yourself before making every single CVS commit with such changes: Am I changing the original feel of the game ? Just thought I'd voice my opinion, not that it matters, but still 8)

Dan "Jago" Naumov

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