roblem when client connects to a server

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Sun Jul 28 23:33:17 EDT 2002


We haved tried to build the IPv6 quake2 server. We install the software on Redhat 7.3 and start the server as "./quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set ip 3ffe:3600:e:100::5".
   However, when we use quake2 client (on window 2000 with IPv6 protocol stack) to connect the server, the client will download a lot of thing and stop with a msg "can not download maps/base1.bsp". The error condition is the same when using IPv4 protocol stack. Besides, Similar error occurs when we connect to another server "". Can you give us some suggestions to solve the problem?


Yann-Ju Chu
ChungHwa Telecom. Co.
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