Playing Quake 2

Laurent.DESNOGUES at Laurent.DESNOGUES at
Mon Jan 7 08:42:36 EST 2002

Hi all,

   first some words to let you know who I am.  I am working as R&D engineer
in compiler technology and am a wannabe OpenGL hacker.  I use MDK 8.1 on my
desktop with a GeForce 2MX, and MDK 8.0 on my laptop with a GeForce 2GO.

   I spent the WE playing Q2 with the Open GLX driver (after disabling AGP
due to a problem between NVidia 23.13 driver and the VIA KT133 chipset...).
Q2 was based on r0.0.7 with a few mods (FPS display + some renaming to
OpenGL 1.3 conflicts).

   Here are a few problems:

     - the demo halts displaying a message about a too long packet (I
        tried to increase it from 1400 to 10000 but it was not enough);
     - while entering the Big Gun area I got a problem in gl_light:  it
        was complaining about a "Bad s_blocklights size".  So I increased
        the size of that array and could enter the area.  However after
        completing it I had a screen showing explosions and when I hit
        enter the game crashed with no core so no hope to track the

I am wondering where those problems come from...  A wrong pak file?  BTW,
did I reach the end of the game?

   Now a stupid question:  I could not locate any map editor for Q2 even
after searching with Google.  Is there any open source such program?



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