[quake2] updated FreeBSD patch

Hampton Maxwell maxwell at 101freeway.com
Fri Feb 8 15:01:02 EST 2002

That's great, I didn't really know how to fix that.  I'm going to have 
to get this into the quakeforge code as well, it seems to have the same 
problem.  The strangest thing is that the same code will work under 
linux emulation...

Steven, could you get this patch and my patch commited to the tree.


Florent Parent wrote:
> --On 2002-01-28 01:47:30 -0800 maxwell at 101freeway.com wrote:
>> Included is an updated patch for building on FreeBSD.  Everything nows
>> works using the sdlquake2 executable including glx support.  Due to some
>> mmap issues, sound won't work with the regular quake2 executable as well
>> as glx support is broken on my system because of some linker issues. I'll
>> send a patch if I figure out either.
> Hampton,
> Here's a patch to get the sound working under FreeBSD. I had done the 
> same kind of patch on quake1. I recall reading on a FreeBSD mailing list 
> that the problem is about the sequence in which the sound ioctls are 
> executed, and the dma mmap() is moved at a later initialization stage.
> The attached patch is relative to the current CVS tree and includes your 
> patch as well. I've not tested this on other systems. I'm running 
> 4.5-STABLE
> Florent
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> Florent Parent
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