[quake2] updated FreeBSD patch

Florent Parent Florent.Parent at viagenie.qc.ca
Thu Feb 7 14:39:22 EST 2002

--On 2002-01-28 01:47:30 -0800 maxwell at 101freeway.com wrote:

> Included is an updated patch for building on FreeBSD.  Everything nows
> works using the sdlquake2 executable including glx support.  Due to some
> mmap issues, sound won't work with the regular quake2 executable as well
> as glx support is broken on my system because of some linker issues. I'll
> send a patch if I figure out either.


Here's a patch to get the sound working under FreeBSD. I had done the same 
kind of patch on quake1. I recall reading on a FreeBSD mailing list that 
the problem is about the sequence in which the sound ioctls are executed, 
and the dma mmap() is moved at a later initialization stage.

The attached patch is relative to the current CVS tree and includes your 
patch as well. I've not tested this on other systems. I'm running 4.5-STABLE


Florent Parent
Viagénie  http://www.viagenie.qc.ca
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