Bots/Mods page

Brendan Burns brendanburns at
Sat Dec 7 10:08:18 EST 2002

Hey folks,
I've begun work on a how-to sort of page for bots/mods.  Current;y it 
just describes how to get NightHunters up and running, but I plan on 
expanding it.  Thus I'm soliciting help/input from all of y'all out 

If you have sucessfully run a mod/bot on Icculus Quake2 send me mail 
telling me how you did it.
If you want a mod/bot to work with Icculus Quake2 ****and that mod/bot 
is available as source***** send me mail and I'll work on getting it 
going (no promises...)

Anyway the page is
hopefully it will grow in the future...


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