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Hello everyone,

	So I had been hunting (not -that- actively, in fact) that
ceiling-clipping bug for months that plagued both icculus quake2 and
quake2forge on Solaris.. In short, when the player would look directly
above him (vertically) the ceiling would disappear partially then
re-appear then disappear again.  Sometimes this would occur very rapidly
and would cause a very very annoying ceiling flashing effect.. In the
"space" level, this was even worse as the background would sometimes clip
in -front- of the floor and walls you're walking on.. Therefore, I had
been investigating the code a bit but came up with nothing..

	A couple days ago, SUN released the 11th patch for OpenGL-1.2.3.
(1.2.3 is the 3rd release of OpenGL 1.2 from SUN, each with numerous
patches..). One of the things they fixed was this bugid:

4773599 glDrawPixels() handles transparent pixels incorrectly

	After installing these patches (112628-11 and 112629-11) I'm now
getting a perfect quake2 experience on my sb2k SUN machine.. No more
flipping ceiling or nebular walls inside the space level. Funny that it
took them so long (OpenGL 1.2.1 was released in 2000) to fix something
like that.

	Add that to the fact that I now have my very own bugid number at
SUN for their OpenGL-1.3 product because I found a problem (not in 1.2.3.
- meaning a regression) with the remote display of quake2 and quake3 from a
Linux box (would kill the local X server).

I'm starting to wonder if these people should play more games.. :)


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