[quake2] gl_ext_multitexture

Bobakitoo bobakitoo at mac.com
Sat Aug 31 20:11:50 EDT 2002

i have test for my self and when gl_dynamic is off and multitexture on, i get
more fps then multitexture off. witch is not the case whit gl_dynamic on.

i've noticed previously in demo1.dm2 a big slowdown when bridge explode.
(a lot of dlight!). But at this time i was beliving it has somme thing to
do whit alias model.

i check the dlight light code and i keep you informed.

> Well, I'm not sure whether this is related, but  I noticed a big slowdown on
> my  DEC ALPHA with gl_ext_multitexture turned on  and dynamic lights.
> Note:  this problem seemed to go away when running Q2 as root.  Otherwise
> it runs beautifully on ALPHA.  By th way,  could the default Makefiles
> include
> all targets for ALPHA?
> -Eric

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