[quake2] gl_ext_multitexture

Eric Christy christy at jlab.org
Sat Aug 31 11:38:25 EDT 2002

Well, I'm not sure whether this is related, but  I noticed a big slowdown on
my  DEC ALPHA with gl_ext_multitexture turned on  and dynamic lights.
Note:  this problem seemed to go away when running Q2 as root.  Otherwise
it runs beautifully on ALPHA.  By th way,  could the default Makefiles
all targets for ALPHA?


Brendan Burns wrote:

> Hey Bob,
> This is a known problem with Quake2  I'm not sure what it is right now...
> But its on the list to track down, and its not in your system.  Thanks for
> the report!
> --brendan

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