[quake2] Switching from Q2Max to Q2 and savegames

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at quakeforge.net
Sat Aug 10 10:20:00 EDT 2002

This one time, at band camp, Carsten Ziepke wrote:
>So I recompiled Q2 0.13.1 without Q2Max, but then I could`nt load the savegames
>anymore ( ... newer version error message - it is also in the readme ).

Quake2 encodes the version and the build date into the savegame, and refuses
to load a savegame that has a different build.  In the past this was because
the map data was changing, and so savegames from a previous map wouldn't
restore all the game state correctly.  The current problem is that the
savegame is effectively a memory dump of the game state, and there's
precious little in the way of error checking.

It's trivial to remove the savegame check from the code, but that opens you
up to random segfaults in the game that make life very painful when you're
trying to track them down.

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