Switching from Q2Max to Q2 and savegames

Carsten Ziepke kieltux at varspool.net
Sat Aug 10 07:25:57 EDT 2002


I was playing Quake2 with the Q2Max enhancements but it became more
and more difficult to shoot not in the floor ( following the advice in the
readme ) ;-)
So I recompiled Q2 0.13.1 without Q2Max, but then I could`nt load the savegames
anymore ( ... newer version error message - it is also in the readme ).
But I did make a backup of the Q2 dir before, so I just replaced gamei386.so
with the Q2Max gamei386.so build and everything worked again.
I didn't found any problems using the Q2Max gamei386.so build.
Maybe this helps anyone else...

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