[physfs] PhysicsFS 3.0.1 released!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Oct 26 16:48:16 EDT 2017

( This work was funded by my Patreon! If you like me working on things 
like PhysicsFS and other useful pieces of code, consider throwing some 
money in the pot: https://patreon.com/icculus )

PhysicsFS 3.0.1 is now available.

This is a collection of emergency fixes to 3.0.0. All 3.0 users should 
definitely upgrade right away.

You can grab it here...


...or from Mercurial with this command...

       hg clone -u release-3.0.1 https://hg.icculus.org/icculus/physfs

...or just stare at the webview here...


No changes to the 1.0 or 2.0 branches are planned, even if they might 
apply. Upgrade to PhysicsFS 3.

Notable changes in this release:

- Trying to use the new mount functions (PHYSFS_mountIo, 
PHYSFS_mountMemory, PHYSFS_mountHandle) with a NULL filename would cause 
several problems. This now reports an error without mounting. Docs have 
been corrected to reflect this reality.
- Trying to mounting an archive inside a .zip file with 
PHYSFS_mountHandle() would crash with a NULL pointer dereference. Fixed.
- Trying to access a file in the search path named "." or ".." no longer 
succeeds. Previously, this bug meant you could enumerate (but not 
access) files in the parent of a mounted native directory. Trying to 
open "." or ".." might have crashed or hung PhysicsFS. This only applies 
to the literal string "." or ".."; if there was a '/' char in the path, 
PhysicsFS would correctly reject a path with an element named as such.
- Trying to mount a symlink to a directory would (incorrectly) fail on 
Unix and Apple platforms instead of mounting the directory the symlink 
points to. Fixed.
- Fixed several crashes/hangs that a maliciously-crafted .iso file could 

Thanks to those that reported these issues in 3.0.0, and those that 
funded this work on Patreon! Enjoy!


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