[physfs] Links in PhysicsFS 3.0.0

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Mon Oct 23 14:56:58 EDT 2017

(As a simple test case for this, one could make a symlink of a dir, run 
test_physfs, and type "mount symlinkpath / 1")

> If I try to mount a directory that is a symlink, PHYSFS_getLastError 
> reports "unsupported". Using a hard copy instead of a link resolves this 
> issue.

I see what's happening. This code here...


...sets st.filetype to PHYSFS_FILETYPE_SYMLINK and fails out.

> Personally I have not tested, but other people I know say that links do 
> work on Windows with PhysicsFS 3.0.0.

There's several ways to do "symlinks" on Windows; if they do an NTFS 
junction point, it's sort of like a symlink, but not quite, and it'll 
pass the test that check.


...which leads to it skipping this "if" to the next "else if" where it 
declares it's actually a directory, and everything happens to work.



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