[openbox] use openbox along other window managers

sunnycemetery at gmail.com sunnycemetery at gmail.com
Fri May 1 15:06:06 EDT 2020

2020-04-14, 23:24, Lucaugusto:
> The advantages of a dock:  it will avoid the opening of new instances  
> of the same program, so I will not end my day with GMail opened in 5  
> google chrome windows (am I the only one?).

You are definitely not the only one.  I use a call script.  Running "call  
firefox", for example, compares output of "pgrep -x firefox" with "wmctrl  
-pl".  If a firefox window is already open, it is switched to with wmctrl.   
Otherwise, "firefox" is executed.

> So I think I can stay away from gnome 3 for another 5 years :P

You're going to miss a lot.  That's like 17 configure-breaking design  
upheavals for GNOME :P

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