[openbox] using openbox with HiDPi display

Ranjan Maitra maitra at email.com
Tue Oct 23 09:10:20 EDT 2018


Thanks very much. Yes, I have been using Misc-Fixed 10x20 with everything and I feel that it is the most readable because it is clean and fixed-width.

It is possible that it does not work with HiDPI, but strangely enough, it seems to work with my terminal (https://github.com/maitra/aNu).

Any suggestions as to why, and how I can fix emacs in that case? 

I will also look at the terminus fonts, but I would have liked to stick with my preferred font. 

Many thanks,

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 22:57:45 -0400 Jim Rees <jim at rees.org> wrote:

> When you say "Fixed 10x20" do you mean you're using 10x20 from misc-fixed?
> Why? X fonts only come in 75 and 100 dpi. You can't use them on a hi-dpi
> display. You shouldn't use them on any display. They're obsolete.
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