[openbox] I need to disable 3D graphics instructions set

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Thu Nov 1 11:33:23 EDT 2018

Dear core developers of Openbox.
I Am visually impaired user with no sight at all. And many graphics, 
which app uses allocates muchmemory and require more CPU cycles.
And because I have been able to successfully use yours window manager 
even in such non standard environment, like combination Android and 
Linux executed in chroot container by using Proot is, I would like to 
know if Openbox support disabling graphics 3D instructions set. And 
other various decorations.
Is it possible, or those thinks are managed only by applications, which 
are using Openbox as window manager, so no window manager can disable 
those instructions set from Window manager perspective?

I have issues, that Firefox WEB browser want to draw graphics if itis on 
WEB site and becauseXserverXSDL android module can notsupport 3D 
graphics instructions, I Am getting many crytical errors from Firefox 
about The graphics.
SO AI AM wondering, if window manager suchas Openbox can disable 
graphics or no.
Thank you very much for yours answers.
With kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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