[openbox] SKIP_TASKBAR hint and iconic state

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 02:28:18 EDT 2015

Dana Jansens 25.03.2015 20:56:
 DJ>        Technically this feature implement only one line in the
 DJ>     focus_valid_target():
 DJ>              (ft->iconic && !ft->parents) ||
 DJ> I think changing this would also change Alt-tab
   Yes, naturally. And it is right.
 DJ> making it
 DJ> impossible to get some windows back from iconic state?
   wmctrl, xdootool, xatk etc...

   The situation is following. There are many applications that must
works forever but normally must be fully invisible (LiteTran, Gtkclock,
notecase, gnome-search-tool, mytetra, novprog, Hamster, Sylpheed...).
>From time to time standing in the any desktop user may to have a look at
some of them. Therefore these windows must be iconified, SKIPPED and
placed on ALL_DESKTOP, and for have a look these applications there are
several scripts assigned to the hotkeys.

   I undestand that openbox is not the panel and not oblige conform to
the standard, but...

Yours truly Alexey

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