[openbox] Minimal time between clicks to double click

Paul G paulg at perforge.net
Fri Mar 6 05:39:35 EST 2015


What you are experiencing is called 'bouncing'. The switch for that
particular button is either worn out or dirty and is making intermittent
contact, so what appears like a [Press][Release] to you is actually sent as
[Press][Release][Press][Release]...[Press][Release]. Double clicks instead
of single clicks are just one part of the problem, interrupted dragging and
selection of text will be happening as well under these circumstances, so
simply introducing the setting you ask for is not going to be sufficient to
render your mouse fully usable again.

What you need to do is debounce. This can be done:
 * in hardware:
    * cleaning the mouse (if dirt is the problem)
    * replacing the switch
    * molesting the circuitry (if the above doesn't help)

  NB: Some mice are known for having these issues, high-end Logitech mice
in particular. You might want to look around for instructional videos that
show some methods of addressing the issue for your particular mouse, since
in some cases it's not all that tricky and solving a problem at the source
has value.

 * in software:
   * in the kernel (evdev) - not implemented afaik (the right place to do
   * in evdev-userspace (libevdev) - not implemented afaik
   * in X (evdev input driver) - implemented, but not accepted into X,
patch rejected on grounds of maintenance cost; it looked small, but the
maintainer's own mouse worked fine, so it didn't go in ;)
   * in a window manager - not implemented afaik

The correct place to do this is in the kernel or, at worst, in the
userspace library everything that uses evdev seems to be using. That hasn't
been done. I happen to have a mouse somewhere that has this problem and
this looks mildly interesting, so I'll look into it. However, I'm
unfamiliar with that part of the kernel and a bit busy at the moment, so
it'll take a while. There are also no guarantees that a patch would be

In the meantime, I suggest following the instructions at
http://blog.guntram.de/?p=16 to solve your problem via X with the
unofficial patch.

I am unsure whether debouncing is possible to implement cleanly and
comprehensively in a window manager, quite apart from it being 3 steps down
the chain from where it ought to be implemented, but I'm not an expert on X
or window managers ;)


On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 1:10 PM, Mathias Dufresne <mathias.dufresne at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello all,
> This is not really an OpenBox question/issue but perhaps OpenBox could
> help.
> I have a not so old mouse, 2 years only in tomorrow, and since few weeks
> it started to double click when it should not.
> Is it possible to set up OpenBox to refuse double click if there is not
> enough time between two clicks? Something like:
> <doubleClickMinTime>40</doubleClickMinTime>
> which would be coupled with:
> <doubleClickTime>200</doubleClickTime>
> I'm afraid there is no option in Xorg to do that and as Logitech support
> refuse to answer to my call (they just sent a message asking to try
> different systems and useless stuffs like that), I'm asking you to find a
> workaround...
> Best regards,
> Mathias
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