[openbox] set working directory when starting Openbox

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Thu May 22 12:46:18 EDT 2014

Crni Gorac wrote:

  I already did strace, and indeed one can find "chdir($HOME)" in the
  listing - it happens somewhere in between syscalls to create
  $HOME/.config/openbox/openbox.log file and
  $HOME/.cache/openbox/sessions directory, so I strongly suspecting
  Openbox is doing this current directory change, and this is why I
  posted the question in the first place.

It's easy enough to find in the source, strace wasn't really necessary. It's
one of the first things that happens in main(). It uses g_get_home_dir(),
which is somewhat controversial as it reads the password database, ignoring

I agree that doing a chdir to anywhere seems wrong. The only thing I could
find in the changelog was a fix for when the chdir fails.

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