[openbox] On-key-release keybindings

Alexey Korop akorop at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 08:54:47 EDT 2014

The Wanderer wrote on 29.04.2014 17:18:
 TW> If there is facility for KeyRelease bindings in OpenBox, I'd
 TW> like to learn what it is, so I can use it. If there isn't, I'd
 TW> like to ask if it could be added, for a future release. If not,
 TW> I'll have to fall back on some non-OpenBox keybindings method
 TW> to try to get this to work.

  Unfortunately any X-based solution may conflicts with modifier using
of the Win key.
  The same problem exists for keyboard layout switching. For example, if
I bind RCtrl key for layout switching, then any applications
Ctrl-hotkeys not works.
  For local only using I solve this problem by polling the local
keyboard state. Very simple sources You may found here:

Yours truly Alexey

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