[openbox] How to Debug an OpenBox programming change?

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Tue Nov 26 15:12:26 EST 2013

I've got this in my .xsession:

if (-f openbox.log && -x src/openbox/$CPU/openbox/.libs/openbox) then
  exec src/openbox/$CPU/openbox/.libs/openbox --debug >>openbox.log

So if I have a log file in my home directory, then openbox gets started with
--debug and sends its output to the log file. If you don't use .xsession I
don't know how you'd do this but there must be a way.

You can also run gdb on openbox from another console or ssh session but it's
a bit of a pain and I haven't found I need it very often.

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