[openbox] How to Debug an OpenBox programming change?

Robert . historyofstamp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 14:44:52 EST 2013

I am looking into adding a new action to OpenBox.

What is the best way of testing my programming change?  I am running fedora
19 lxdm.  My machine starts will OpenBox already running.  Can I run two
openbox sessions?  If I revert to run level 3, how do I start my version of

I've successfully download and compiled the openbox source.  I put the
compiled files in new directories.  I do not want to wreck my existing
OpenBox files.

I see there is debug.c file.  How do I turn on debugging.  What does this
module do?

I am looking into adding an InsertText action.  When the shortcut key is
pressed, the associated text would be inserted into the inbound data
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