[openbox] Focus follows mouse vs sloppy focus

Jim Rees rees at umich.edu
Thu Mar 28 21:14:04 EDT 2013

cassowary at fastmail.fm wrote:

  Sorry for replying to my own message so quickly after I posted it, but I
  read the source code and found the answer: unfocusOnLeave in the focus
  section. It's not included in the default configuration (if that's a
  distro thing, I'm using Arch), nor is it mentioned on the Wiki that I
  can see (not even on the focus follows mouse page), so perhaps it can be

I want the same thing. Seems to me I tried unfocusOnLeave at one time and it
had problems, but it was a while ago and I can't remember the details. I'm
going to set it now and see what happens. Let me know if you notice any

I've got a couple of unmerged patches you might be interested
in. Descriptions below. The patches should be in the list archives, let me
know if you want me to send them.

Patch 1:

I've had this annoying problem for some time.  I've got the following


Now I do this:

1. Click on desktop just above a window to bring up a menu. All windows lose
focus, as the menu now has focus.

2. Move mouse down to a menu item that covers part of the window, and select

3. Menu goes away, mouse is now over the window.

4. The window should have focus, but it does not.

The following patch fixes it, but I'm not sure what unintended side effects
it might have.

Patch 2:

This is mostly for discussion, as I haven't fully tested it, and it may not
be what people want.

If you have "focus under mouse" configured, and invoke a non-interactive
window cycle, you can end up with a new window focused while the pointer is
still over the old, now-unfocused window.

To reproduce:
    <action name="NextWindow">

This patch warps the cursor to the center of the new window, preserving the
"focus under mouse" requirement.

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