[openbox] The state of the art in tiling with Openbox

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Fri Aug 30 15:02:05 EDT 2013

Hi, Antoine

Long time ago I proposed a new "growtofill" action that would grow an
window in all directions, filling all available space...  You can see the
video here:

The difference from this new action (growtofill) to using grow-to-edge is
that the growtofill action stop growing if it reaches other window
edge. Follow the patch:

You could use openbox patched with this action to emulate a tiling window

Other option is to do tiling manually using keybindings, as proposed here:


On 30 August 2013 14:46, Xyne <xyne at archlinux.ca> wrote:

> Manuel Chaves wrote:
> >This is not an answer but I personally just accommodate the windows
> >manually which gives some flexibility that tiling wm's might not have,
> like
> >if I wanted to hide the top part of an application I move it slightly to
> >the top above the edge of the screen.
> The MoveToEdge, GrowToEdge and ShrinkToEdge actions are very useful for
> manual
> tiling. I have them bound to mouse keys (with modifier keys) so that I can
> very
> quickly tile my windows with a lot of flexibility.
> I have attached an excerpt from my configuration file.
> Directions:
> * North: wheel up
> * South: wheel down
> * East: right click
> * West: left click
> Action keys:
> win: GrowToEdge
> win + shift: MoveToEdge
> win + ctrl: ShrinkToEdge
> With the win key depressed I can move windows by dragging with the left
> mouse
> button and resize them by dragging with the right mouse button. Throw in a
> few
> more bindings to remove decorations and manage vertical and horizontal
> maximization and you can easily arrange your windows as tiles.
> It's easy to set these up for keybinds as well, e.g. using the arrow keys
> or
> keypad instead of the mouse buttons.
> Regards,
> Xyne
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