[openbox] The state of the art in tiling with Openbox

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Aug 30 13:46:19 EDT 2013

Manuel Chaves wrote:

>This is not an answer but I personally just accommodate the windows
>manually which gives some flexibility that tiling wm's might not have, like
>if I wanted to hide the top part of an application I move it slightly to
>the top above the edge of the screen.

The MoveToEdge, GrowToEdge and ShrinkToEdge actions are very useful for manual
tiling. I have them bound to mouse keys (with modifier keys) so that I can very
quickly tile my windows with a lot of flexibility.

I have attached an excerpt from my configuration file.

* North: wheel up
* South: wheel down
* East: right click
* West: left click

Action keys:
win: GrowToEdge
win + shift: MoveToEdge
win + ctrl: ShrinkToEdge

With the win key depressed I can move windows by dragging with the left mouse
button and resize them by dragging with the right mouse button. Throw in a few
more bindings to remove decorations and manage vertical and horizontal
maximization and you can easily arrange your windows as tiles.

It's easy to set these up for keybinds as well, e.g. using the arrow keys or
keypad instead of the mouse buttons.

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