[openbox] obconf release

Rafał Mużyło galtgendo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 03:33:31 EDT 2013

So, regarding the new obconf release...

Awhile ago, I and at least one other person sent here patches, that were
supposed to clean up obconf of libglade. It seems those were

As such, I'm sending a new version of those patches.
There are 3 files in the archive:
 - drop-glade-gtk2.patch: this drops use of libglade, plugs a few leaks,
   probably intoduces a few new ones, switches from GtkOptionMenu to
   GtkComboBoxText (for the ease of later porting - this bumps required
   gtk+ to 2.24 (about 2.5 years old)) and makes minor changes in
   preview.c GdkPixbuf handling (also for ease of later porting)
 - obconf.ui: converted glade file (rename wasn't really necessary, but
   was more convenient that way), with changes from GtkOptionMenu to
   GtkComboBoxText and a few packing changes (those shouldn't affect
 - obconf-gtk3.patch: as the name says, this patch, applied on top of
   the earlier one, ports obconf to gtk3 (its content explains why the
   changes in GdkPixbuf handling were made)

GtkComboBoxText was picked, because it doesn't need any changes for
gtk3. Packing changes should only affect gtk3, where they were required
to make gui look right.
If I'm reading the docs right, it's only due to GtkComboBoxText the
version reqirement is that high. Other changes don't go beyond 2.18.
However, without that widget, the changes for gtk3 would be far more

Those new widgets look right, but need rechecking if I din't mess the
order of the options. Also, a test for custom doubleclick command is

On not quite related note: exportdynamic.m4 and foo_LDFLAGS+=-export-dynamic ('info libtool')... Or am I missing something ?

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