[openbox] menu.xml - I thought It Only Had One Format/Standard?

Dave Foster daf at minuslab.net
Mon Aug 12 08:45:46 EDT 2013

On Aug 12, 2013, at 1:04 AM, Das wrote:
> Forgot to mention, that example I showed before is taken right from the actual menu.xml as;
> <menu id="apps-internet-menu" label="Internet">
> I didn't change this and every <menu id= line in the menu.xml from the source does not have a close tag at the end like you suggested....

The <menu> tag is used in two ways: the first is to define the menu itself.  This is the "large block" form -

<menu id="some-id" label="My Menu>
	<item label="blablla"...

The second way it is used is to include a named menu inside of another menu.  For example, if you wanted this menu we just defined to be a submenu off of your root menu, inside your root menu definition, you'd have:

<menu id="root-menu" label="Openbox">
 	<menu id="some-id" />

That's what ties them together.

There's no issue with the default menu.xml.

I recommend you paste your EXACT and FULL menu.xml, either in email, or via gist.github.com, or whatever.  This is the only way we're going to be able to figure out your issue with the menu syntax.

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