[openbox] Can't create a valid menu.xml

52midnight info at 52midnight.com
Mon Apr 29 18:49:20 EDT 2013

> Ah no, that won't work (as you found). You'll have to either run strace
> with the -f (or -ff) flag to also trace child processes, or you have to
> find a way to run openbox itself with strace.

Thanks. Used -f and found the read-in of menu.xml:

open("/root/.config/openbox/menu.xml", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 6
_llseek(6, 0, [0], SEEK_CUR)            = 0
read(6, "<openbox_menu>\n\n<menu id=\"ID\" la"..., 8192) = 747
read(6, "", 7445)                       = 0
brk(0x816a000)                          = 0x816a000
close(6)                                = 0

Without knowing the syntax I can only guess that this is OK.

My main interest now is where the default menu is coming from. It  
automatically includes new apps as I emerge (install) them (without  
restarting X/Ob I think) so there's some sort of dynamic process going on  
that I've not identified.

Unless anyone has an immediate solution, I'll thank you all for your  
invaluable assistance and do some poking around on the quiet. Given the  
modern passion for "closure", I'll post back here if I find a solution.


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