[openbox] Can't create a valid menu.xml

52midnight info at 52midnight.com
Mon Apr 29 17:37:12 EDT 2013

> If you've never heard of gdb I retract my suggestion. Probably easier to
> sprinkle printfs in the code.

My background is h'ware engineering and I've used several debuggers on  
microcontrollers so I can wear a bit of pain.

But now I'm anxious. Created a normal user, used Menumaker to create a new  
menu (looks good), tried it with both absolute (error message) and  
relative (no error) paths with same results as before, but nothing!

> I doubt very much there is anything in openbox that says "if uid == 0  
> print
a misleading error message and fail".

Agreed. Hope I'm not doing something REALLY stupid ...?

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