[openbox] Windows in The GIMP behaving badly.

52midnight info at 52midnight.com
Sun Apr 14 00:43:38 EDT 2013

Hello all

I've just started using gimp-2.6.12-r5 in LXDE on Gentoo and am having
trouble with the windows of The GIMP. The Toolbox and Layerbox windows
always stay on top, the working window is always on the bottom, using the
window context menus to shift layers doesn't work, and I've changed the
settings in ~/.gimp-2.6/gimprc without effect:

     toolbox-window-hint normal
     dock-window-hint normal
     #toolbox-window-hint utility
     #dock-window-hint utility
     #transient-docks no
     transient-docks yes

Has anyone else reported this problem, and if so is there a fix? Not sure
whether the problem lies with Openbox, The GIMP, or (most likely)
somewhere in between.

Kind regards

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