[openbox] Gnome 3 shell

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Thu May 24 07:52:03 EDT 2012

Johan Vromans <jvromans at squirrel.nl> writes:

> Fedora 15 provides the openbox-gnome package, which integrates openbox
> in the 'modern' GNume environment.

Almost one year later. Fedora 16 is no different en Fedora 17 is almost
ready for release -- most likely no different.

So I re-submit the problem:

---- repost ----
The 'modern' Gnome panel (actually, the Gnome3 fallback panel) is
hardwired to occupy the top and bottom 32 pixels. A window mapped at
0+0 will therefore be obscured for 32 pixels by the top panel.

Is there a way to have openbox exclude these areas?

I tried setting the top and bottom margins:


but windows mapped to 0+0 will still appear at the real top edge.
---- end repost ----

Well, I can set the panels to autohide, which is a start.
But why do the <margins> settings not work?

Best solution would be if these areas were not covered by the Gnome3

-- Johan

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