[openbox] How to put date/time in window titlebar? LXDE/Openbox

David Reimer djreimer at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 05:09:33 EDT 2012

I would like to display the current time/date (or at least the time)
in the titlebar of the active window. I know several ways of doing
this in Windows XP, but despite web searching in all the ways I can
think of, I can't find a solution for this in my environment (Linux
Mint 12 LXDE which uses Openbox).

I have looked at the Openbox Configuration guide which gives some good
suggestions for an app in a dock or on desktop, but (in spite of the
sensible suggestion at #8 :) I would like to get the active window
titlebar display if possible (something I've been used to for years in
other environments).

I have posted this on a couple relevant forums, but without any
response. I'm hoping the Openbox mailing list is a better place to
ask! Even confirmation that it is *not* possible would help, as then I
would just stop trying!

Many thanks for *any* help with this!


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