[openbox] Openbox goes unresponsible, I need help.

Brian Mattern rephorm at rephorm.com
Tue Jun 5 00:39:21 EDT 2012

On Mon, 04 Jun 2012, Andrej N. Gritsenko wrote:
>     I'm trying to fix an issue. I do DnD action from one application to
> another. As soon mouse is over some widget of target application I lose
> all control over Openbox - it neither react on mouse nor keyboard. XOrg
> still draws mouse cursor movement and is able to redraw windows when I
> switch to other VTs and back but none of Openbox actions cannot be done
> ATM. I have no clues where to dig so I want your help - what might cause
> such involving of WM? I understand that DnD is Gtk+ action and is more
> high-level operation than WM do but as soon it involves WM level I think
> you could give me some clues.

This sounds like a gtk issue to me, or possibly the apps in question. It
most likely has nothing to do with openbox.  During a DnD action, gtk is
probably grabs the mouse pointer (e.g. using XGrabPointer()), and not
letting it go.

I'm fairly certain that the DnD protocol does not involve the WM in any


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