[openbox] Openbox goes unresponsible, I need help.

Andrej N. Gritsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Mon Jun 4 19:48:19 EDT 2012


Ikem Krueger has written on Monday,  4 June, at 23:27:
>> 2012/6/4 Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej at rep.kiev.ua>:

>>  As soon mouse is over some widget of target application
>> I lose all control over Openbox

>> What might cause such involving of WM?

>Sound like a focus issue.

    I believe it isn't as no focus is changed at that moment, the target
application gets event about mouse pointer at widget area and it does
something (or otherwise doesn't) that caused such thing. No focus change
or anything like that happens and it doesn't happen with another source
of DnD action. I'm trying to find out where to dig it and it would be
nice if I know what really happens. If you are curious to test the case,
source application is Shotwell and target is PCManFM.

    With best wishes.

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