[openbox] [Patch] Least overlap placement

Krzysztof Kotlenga piernik at gmail.com
Mon May 30 04:23:37 EDT 2011

Ian Zimmerman wrote:

> Attached is a patch implementing a rough first cut of sawfish-style
> intelligent placement.  I call it "Least Overlap" because that describes
> what it actually does, to a 1st approximation, unlike the sawfish name
> for it ("First Fit").
> There are some easy improvements that can be made such as considering
> all heads, and pruning the grid for speed, but I thought I'd throw it
> out here "early and often".  I'll take into account all fair criticism;
> I already find it very useful as it is, though.  Enjoy!

This was on my wishlist since I switched from fvwm2 to openbox years
ago.  Works nicely here.  Many thanks!

Oh, happy days :)

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