[openbox] sloppy focus "stealing"

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sat May 21 13:40:02 EDT 2011

On Fri, 20 May 2011 12:09:17 +1000
Anthony Thyssen <A.Thyssen at griffith.edu.au> wrote:

> |      <keybind key="W-S-Tab">
> |        <action name="PreviousWindow"/>
> |        <finalactions>
> |          <action name="Focus"/>
> |          <action name="Unshade"/>
> |        </finalactions>
> |      </keybind>
> | 

Anthony> Niffy, though I prefer the mouse to always indicate the current
Anthony> window.

I think that's a separate issue.  Openbox could really use a "warp
pointer when tabbing" option to force the pointer over the focussed
window after a switch.  Sawfish has that and I've got so used to it that
I'm considering patching openbox to add it.  Would such a patch be
considered?  I would not make it the default of course.

Beyond that, openbox only has "sloppy" focus policy, which means there
will always be at least one situation where pointer and focus are
incoherent - namely, when the pointer is over the root window.  Of
course I;d like to have that fixed as well (i.e. add a "strict mode) ;-)

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