[openbox] Multihead Openbox: Wrong screen placement when opening window

Andreas Fink andreas.fink85 at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 14 05:44:47 EST 2011

2011/12/14 Jordan Mendler <jordanmendler at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I am relatively new to openbox, but it is awesome. Thanks and keep up the
> great work! Anyway, I have a 4 monitor setup and it seems that whenever I
> open a new window in openbox, the monitor on which it is opened is
> inconsistent. Sometimes it will appear on the monitor my cursor is currently
> in. Other times it will appear in an unused monitor. And even other times it
> will appear in a seemingly random monitor.
> Can anyone advise how window placement works when opening a new window in a
> multi-head setup? It is inconvenient when it, for example, opens a monitor
> on the projector behind me rather than on the main monitor I am using. Is
> there anyway to just have all new windows appear in whichever monitor the
> mouse is currently in? This seems like a better approach since the user
> would presumably launch the window from the screen where they are working
> with their mouse (or terminal from which they are launching a new GUI),
> which would be where they would want it to land.
> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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The sample rc.xml contains the following (especially ´"monitor" is
interesting for you):
  <!-- 'Smart' or 'UnderMouse' -->
  <!-- whether to place windows in the center of the free area found or
       the top left corner -->
  <!-- with Smart placement on a multi-monitor system, try to place new windows
       on: 'Any' - any monitor, 'Mouse' - where the mouse is, 'Active' - where
       the active window is, 'Primary' - only on the primary monitor -->
  <!-- The monitor where Openbox should place popup dialogs such as the
       focus cycling popup, or the desktop switch popup.  It can be an index
       from 1, specifying a particular monitor.  Or it can be one of the
       following: 'Mouse' - where the mouse is, or
                  'Active' - where the active window is -->


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