[openbox] Multihead Openbox: Wrong screen placement when opening window

Jordan Mendler jordanmendler at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 05:28:24 EST 2011

Hi all,

I am relatively new to openbox, but it is awesome. Thanks and keep up the
great work! Anyway, I have a 4 monitor setup and it seems that whenever I
open a new window in openbox, the monitor on which it is opened is
inconsistent. Sometimes it will appear on the monitor my cursor is
currently in. Other times it will appear in an unused monitor. And even
other times it will appear in a seemingly random monitor.

Can anyone advise how window placement works when opening a new window in a
multi-head setup? It is inconvenient when it, for example, opens a monitor
on the projector behind me rather than on the main monitor I am using. Is
there anyway to just have all new windows appear in whichever monitor the
mouse is currently in? This seems like a better approach since the user
would presumably launch the window from the screen where they are working
with their mouse (or terminal from which they are launching a new GUI),
which would be where they would want it to land.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jordan Mendler

jordanmendler.com | jmendler at ucla.edu
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