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> 2010/1/6  <tt at bu.edu>:
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> > How do I get rid of ALL window decorations, including a window's titlebar?
> <application class="*"><decor>no</decor></application> or so in the
> applications section.
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Hello everyone.

Oh, btw, I'm using this for a long time. But I have a little problem
and I'm not sure is it a bug or maybe my issue can be fixed in a theme

I don't use window titlebar, however I use window borders. When a window
isn't maximized of course everything is fine (see attach allok.png).

When window is maximized the top border is still here, and I don't
expect that kind of behaviour (see attach topborder.png).

So, is it possible to get rid of the top border in the maximized mode

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