[openbox] [RELEASE] Openbox 3.4.10 released

Dana Jansens dana at orodu.net
Thu Jan 7 14:46:37 EST 2010

We just can't get enough of the Openbox 3.4 series. Today we're happy
to release version Openbox 3.4.10.

This is a minor bugfix + new features release, mostly focused on
Openbox menu behaviours. Here's the complete changelog:

* Improve keyboard navigation in Openbox menus.
* Add a --root option and a manpage for obxprop.
* Use a negative value for submenuShowDelay and submenuHideDelay to
  cause an infinite delay. This means you have to click to show a submenu,
  rather than just hover over it.
* Improved code for submenu show/hide delay. Added the
  submenuHideDelay config file option, under the "menu" section.
* Fixed bug #4464 (Typo in openbox-gnome-session script).
* Fixed bug #4436 (Focusing a window used to stop focus cycling).
* Renamed obprop to obxprop due to collision with Open Babel (See bug #4419).

You can download the new release from here:

p.s. Happy new year !

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