[openbox] Windows with no titlebar?

Nicolás de la Torre ndelatorre at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 01:01:46 EST 2010

You should look here :

And for a taskbar... you dont really need one, you can use a keybind
to client-list-menu o combined-client-list-menu (if i recall the name
of the menu right).

2010/1/6  <tt at bu.edu>:
> How do I get rid of ALL window decorations, including a window's titlebar?
> I have been using for many years fvwm2 with my own most spartan theme, ie, no
> window decorations AT ALL, including NO TITLEBAR (I move, resize, iconify, etc
> windows by means of Ctrl/Alt/MouseClick combinations).  The only "panel" I use
> is an autohiding taskbar.
>  The goal is to make best use of my real estate. (Like the rooms of my house,
> the windows of my applications---mostly emacs, a few xterms, firefox, acrobat,
> and latex---take predictable positions on the screen, so I do not need and do
> not want titles for them. Do you need signs for the kitchen and the bathroom in
> your house?)
> I'm very happy with my fvwm2 setup, but, for obvious reasons, I would like to
> move on to OpenBox. Is there a simple way to get
>  1. No titlebar on windows.
>  2. No border or a 1-pixel-wide border (depending on the type of application,
> with no-border as default).
>  3. An autohiding taskbar.
> If I can get that, I'll be very happy to switch to OpenBox. I'm quite willing
> to do some homework. I've played a little with OpenBox configuration, but I
> cannot find a a top functional view of OpenBox that will guide me in my
> exploration.
>  On the other hand, I should be able to generalize from a couple of examples of
> how to do points 1, 2, and 3 above.
> Thanks for any hints, or pointers to relevant answers already appeared on this
> mailing list. I will pay back by writing clear and systematic documentation on
> what I learn.
>                                        Tom Toffoli
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