[openbox] Windows with no titlebar?

tt at bu.edu tt at bu.edu
Wed Jan 6 00:48:07 EST 2010

How do I get rid of ALL window decorations, including a window's titlebar?

I have been using for many years fvwm2 with my own most spartan theme, ie, no
window decorations AT ALL, including NO TITLEBAR (I move, resize, iconify, etc
windows by means of Ctrl/Alt/MouseClick combinations).  The only "panel" I use
is an autohiding taskbar.
 The goal is to make best use of my real estate. (Like the rooms of my house,
the windows of my applications---mostly emacs, a few xterms, firefox, acrobat,
and latex---take predictable positions on the screen, so I do not need and do
not want titles for them. Do you need signs for the kitchen and the bathroom in
your house?)

I'm very happy with my fvwm2 setup, but, for obvious reasons, I would like to
move on to OpenBox. Is there a simple way to get
 1. No titlebar on windows.
 2. No border or a 1-pixel-wide border (depending on the type of application,
with no-border as default).
 3. An autohiding taskbar.
If I can get that, I'll be very happy to switch to OpenBox. I'm quite willing
to do some homework. I've played a little with OpenBox configuration, but I
cannot find a a top functional view of OpenBox that will guide me in my
 On the other hand, I should be able to generalize from a couple of examples of
how to do points 1, 2, and 3 above.

Thanks for any hints, or pointers to relevant answers already appeared on this
mailing list. I will pay back by writing clear and systematic documentation on
what I learn.
					Tom Toffoli

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