[openbox] Logging out of Openbox

Erik Iverson eriki at ccbr.umn.edu
Thu Feb 4 12:27:52 EST 2010

Erik Iverson wrote:
> <snip>
>>> More information.  Narrowed it down to something in my autostart.sh (not
>>> surprisingly, since that's part of what openbox-session runs.
>>> So, if I comment out the following lines, which came by default with 
>>> Openbox
>>> 3.4.10, the issue goes away, any thoughts on why?
>>> # Preload stuff for KDE apps
>>>  if which start_kdeinit >/dev/null; then
>>>   LD_BIND_NOW=true start_kdeinit --new-startup +kcminit_startup &
>>>  fi
>>> FYI, start_kdeinit does exist on my system.
>> Hard to imagine that is the line causing the issue in that case.  Try
>> run it in a shell and see what it does.  If start_kdeinit is not on
>> your system it should do exactly nothing.
> Correct.  My next step was, if I leave the above lines in my 
> autostart.sh, and Log Out, I tried to kill all running processes until I 
> successfully logged out.
> When I killed something called "dcopserver --nosid" (KDE's desktop 
> communications server), I finally got back to my login screen.
> This is KDE 3.5.9-5.fc7 Fedora, which might make a difference. I am 
> happy to just comment out the above lines in autostart.sh, since I don't 
> use any KDE applications.

So, after a bit more work, it turns out it's not the start_kdeinit stuff 
per se, that's just what came with the default installation.  If I 
comment out my entire autostart.sh, and put in something like xterm &, I 
then cannot Log Out until I kill xterm.

I am completely stuck now, hopefully something will occur to me over 


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