[openbox] sound?

vlad vla at uni-bonn.de
Thu Nov 29 14:08:10 EST 2007


i don't want to troll around, but i think this idea to make sounds when
smth happens, is really stupid. sounds are annoying (the machine with the PING). 
it has actually nothing todo with the _window_ manager. 
having hooks to trigger events when starting or quitting an application may be
useful and imo a good idea. on the other hand one can have scripts which
do the same.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 01:42:47AM +0100, Sebastian Joseph wrote:
> Ian Zimmerman wrote:
>> So, should I take the extended silence as go-ahead to proceed?
> I think, it is a good idea, but, if you will make it so, why don`t create 
> two pseudo-hooks with name login and logoff to replace the 
> ~/.config/openbox/autostart.sh?
> May I will try to help you coding (I don`t write bigger programs than a 
> small pacman clone before)
> Greetings Sebastian
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