[openbox] [RELEASE] Openbox 3.3.994 released

Bartosz Oudekerk bartosz-openbox at unreachablehost.net
Fri May 25 19:49:28 EDT 2007

Clay Barnes wrote on Fri, 25 May, 2007 at 04:09:51PM -0700:
> Is it just me or are the docs down?  This is quite a problem, as the
> changes in the rc.xml syntax have crippled my system
> (keyboard-driven), and I need to update it!

On the subject of rc.xml, does anybody else think it isn't such a great
idea to have so many commonly used actions assigned to a keybinding
making use of meta4? Especially now that there's chrootable
keybindings. Everybody can use those, not everybody has the meta4, and
we are talking teh default keybindings people will end up with when
trying out OB3.

This isn't such a problem for me, since I'm creating my own (very)
custom rc.xml, but I suppose I'm not the only one using keyboards
without the meta4.

On another subject (sorry for hijacking the thread), has anyone managed
to get true transparency  working with OB3?

Bartosz Oudekerk

Those who would give up *Essential Liberty* to purchase a little
*Temporary Safety*, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.   -- Benjamin Franklin

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