[RELEASE] Openbox 3.3.992 released

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Thu May 24 09:41:03 EDT 2007

Openbox 3.3.992, the next Openbox 3.4 preview release, is now available!

In this version we have improved session saving and restore, so that
when you log back in, your desktop layout and names will be restored.
We've also fixed a number of bug reports from users. Thank you
everyone who is sending them in!

We've also added and updated 6 translations! Thank you so much for
contributing these.

Here's our changelog:
* Don't move mouse focus when the mouse is over the focus cycling dialog
* Fixes for positioning of frame decoration elements
* Update for Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Improvements in how decorations respond for maximized windows. (If
they can't be resized don't "hide" the resizing contexts)
* Updated Italian translation
* Added Czech translation
* Fix for applications that do weird things with modal windows (Make
sure you can focus cycle to them)
* Updated Spanish translation
* Fix for programs using the old WM-spec, and not setting unused
fields to 0 in _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages (Rox pinboard)
* Fixes for default rc.xml configuration file. Updated comments and
comment out the applications section in an xml compatible way.
* Update for Portuguese translation
* Fix support for window gravity (eg xterm -geometry -0+0)
* Fix for libwnck with iconify animation (Unmap the parent of the
client's window)
* Force the top left corner of new windows onto the screen area, if
the position wasn't requested by the user (Fix xpdf and others hiding
their titlebar under a panel)
* Fix for determining text geometry from Pango
* Save the desktop layout and names in the session, and restore them
on next log in.
* The <desktop> section from the configuration file is only used for
defaults, and so is only applied at the start of a new log-in. (Use
ObConf 1.6.2 to change the config file for these options, and have
them set immediately, if you don't use a session manager to save
* Fix updating and crashing in the old split client list menu
* Translate the default desktop names
* Update Taiwanese Chinese translation
* Less restrictions of behavior based on window type (Let you maximize
dialogs and utility windows)
* Fix for focus tracking when Press mouse actions are used
* Fix bug which let the openbox-*-session scripts take command-line arguments
* Better detection of legacy fullscreen windows vs. undercorated
windows that the user has maximized

The downloads are available here:

Thanks for your feedback and support everyone! I think 3.4 is going to
be a really solid release thanks to you all.

p.s. We seem to be having some DNS issues with the "openbox.org"
domain, but http://icculus.org/openbox will work in the meantime, as

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