Queue actions in menu

Przemyslaw Gawronski pgg at tanren.pl
Thu Jul 26 23:54:20 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm new to OpenBox, I've been a long time IceWM and AfterStep user,
but decided to give OpenBox a try :)

In my menu file I've got this entry:

<menu id="setup-menu" label="Config">
  <item label="openbox menu.xml">
     <action name="Execute">
         <command>gvim -geometry 120x50 .config/openbox/menu.xml</command>
     <action name="Reconfigure" />

What I want is to OpenBox automatically reconfigure itself after editing
the menu file, but it doesn't :(

I would be thankful for suggestions.

AIKIDO TANREN DOJO  -   Poland - Warsaw - Mokotow - Ursynow - Natolin
info: http://www.tanren.pl/ phone: +48501516666 email: dojo at tanren.pl

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