[openbox] Gucharmap or Openbox - one more time and a new problem

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Sat Jul 7 07:39:02 EDT 2007

On 7/7/07, Rafał Mużyło <galtgendo at o2.pl> wrote:
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> >> One more question: was there any major change in handling mouse wheel in
> >> ob 2.4, cause it could be my hardware problem, but it has worked before.
> >> The problem is that when I turn the wheel to change desktop it goes +2
> >> desktops instead of just one.
> >
> > Nah, it's not hardware, what's happening is Openbox is running the
> > action twice.  You probably have it bound twice.
> Actually, no. It was bound once. However the required change of defaults
> was in <context name="Desktop"> from action="Press" to action="Click".

Oh, something must be repeating the Button Press events (but not the
release events). Are you using ROX to give you desktop icons? Or
Nautilus? Or something else?

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