New kid on the block

Folderol folderol at
Fri Jul 6 17:42:33 EDT 2007

Hi All.

I've just started using openbox and seem to be getting on fairly well
but there are a few points I'd like help on that don't seem to be
mentioned on the website or in any of the list archives.

Is there a list of what options are settable in
~/.config/openbox/rc.xml ?

Most WMs have 'sides' to windows but openbox only seems to have
corners, title and bottom. Is this right?

I've configured things so that clicking in the 'client' area grabs
focus but doesn't change window stacking level. However Open Office,
and the Mozilla apps don't seem to obey this, and raise on focus.
Strangely debian's IceWeasel (which is of course firefox in new clothes)
behaves as I would expect.

I hesitate to call this a bug as I don't really know if I'm doing
something I shouldn't!

I'm using V 3.3-2.1 on 64bit debian etch.

Will J Godfrey

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